[vbox-dev] Updated Finnish (fi) translation for VirtualBox

Dmitry A. Kuminov dmik at innotek.de
Mon Jan 14 00:06:43 PST 2008

Hello Timo,

Timo Jyrinki wrote:

> I got a bit fed up with the current Finnish translation of VirtualBox,
> and made a multitude of fixes (but only a few new translations so far)
> to the qt_fi.ts and VirtualBox_fi.ts files. The existing translation has
> an extremely large amount of compound word errors, ugly "Capitalized
> Every Word" stuff which is not used in Finnish, and also a few typos and
> completely false translations. Most of those should be now fixed, since
> I went through the whole file.

Thank you! Unfortunately, we cannot check every community-provided 
translation ourselves so opinions/corrections from other people are 
highly welcome.

Please repost your patch together with the licensing statement as a 
comment to http://virtualbox.org/ticket/234 (this is a dedicated place 
for all I18N-related work). I will integrate your patch as soon as you 
do this.

Dmitry A. Kuminov

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