[vbox-dev] vboxvideo does always use 1280x768

Lisa Denia eiffel56 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 06:48:55 PST 2008


I've played around with it for a while now, but I can't get it working.
VBoxRandR.sh is placed in /usr/bin/ as VBoxRandR, with executing
permissions for everyone.
I can call it manually, and it will set the screen correctly.
But it seems that it never get executed by VBoxClient. Regardless of
what I do, I have to call VBoxRandR manually to set the new resolution.

Oh, and one thing. My host screen is 1152x864. It is not possible to
resize the height for the guest with that resolution, because I can't
reach that resizing line
thing(http://eiffel56.mybonsai.at/Bildschirmfoto-70.png) .
The only way to set the height is via VBoxManage or xrandr.

Thank you,
Lisa Denia

Michael Thayer wrote:
> Lisa Denia wrote:
> > If I resize the guest windows, the screen does not automatically resize
> > too. But if I open that gnome-display-properties thing, it suggests me
> > the new resolution. I can then choose that resolution and it will change
> > correctly. I have to do that everytime I resize the guest window.
> > Alternatively I can type "xrandr -s 0", it will have the same effect.
> > 
> > I think it could be just a configuration error of Ubuntu or something,
> > but I don't know. The same happens if I just start a plain X
> > session(only with VBoxClient, metacity and gnome-terminal) via
> > startx/xinit. 
> > 
> > Here is a screenshot of it:
> > http://eiffel56.mybonsai.at/Bildschirmfoto-69.png
> Ah, what I forgot to mention is that you also have to install the
> VBoxRandR.sh script into your path.
> Regards,
> Michael

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