[vbox-dev] Guest/Host interactions

Frédéric Dreier frederic at dreier.cc
Thu Feb 28 03:34:43 PST 2008

Klaus Espenlaub a écrit :
> Frédéric Dreier wrote:
>> Does it means that if I download virtualbox from SVN and compile it, it 
>> will not support microsoft OS as guest? Or is binary libraries in SVN?
> I was specifically talking about guest additions (the full source code 
> of the vbox host driver is included, so that's not an issue at all). The 
> guest addition driver plays a vital role in guest/host interactions. You 
> could use the binary which comes with current virtualbox packages.
> Adding the functionality you are thinking about seems feasible without 
> changing the additions drivers we provide, but you have to be prepared 
> for working with a binary black box. And the documentation in that area 
> is pretty sparse - we didn't anticipate people trying to contribute 
> stuff there.
ok. I think also I will not or less try to change guest additions if not 

I will try to 'inspect' windows from outside (making the monitoring 
invisible to the guest OS) and if I can't, I will run monitoring tools 
from the guest OS.

But I have to look much more deeper in your code before taking this 


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