[vbox-dev] vboxvideo does always use 1280x768

Michael Thayer michael at innotek.de
Wed Feb 27 10:16:00 PST 2008

Lisa Denia wrote:
> Hi,
> mh, I don't get it working. Permissions are right, VBoxClient is
> running. Does VBoxClient creates a log or something?
> By the way, why are the static resolutions removed? As I said, if I
> install an older guest addition everything works as expected. I think
> its much better for experienced users to define static resolutions and
> disable that auto-resizing, at least it is for me.
> Thanks ;),
> Lisa Denia

Hello Lisa,

The problem with the guest not adjusting its resolution when you reduce
the video RAM should be fixed in SVN now.  When you set up the client
part (to try it out if you are having trouble with the setup, just run
VBoxClient in the guest as root) you should get dynamic resizing, and
you can also do it "manually" by requesting a resolution from
VBoxManage.  I am considering having the guest remember the resolution
set from one session to the next.


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