[vbox-dev] vboxvideo does always use 1280x768

Michael Thayer michael at innotek.de
Mon Feb 25 04:34:35 PST 2008

Lisa Denia wrote:
> thats a cool feature. But it actually does not work here. Resizing the
> window just resizes the window itself and make scrollbars appear. Do I
> need to configure something? Or something older guest additions install
> scripts are missing? My guest additions installation script is based on
> the 1.5.2 one.

Hi Lisa,

As I said, you have to build the latest VBoxClient from svn and install
it in the guest.  I can't remember how it was set up in 1.5.2, but
basically it has to be running and to have access to /dev/vboxadd.  Be
warned that there are currently changes being made.


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