[vbox-dev] vboxvideo does always use 1280x768

Lisa Denia eiffel56 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 04:23:12 PST 2008


thats a cool feature. But it actually does not work here. Resizing the
window just resizes the window itself and make scrollbars appear. Do I
need to configure something? Or something older guest additions install
scripts are missing? My guest additions installation script is based on
the 1.5.2 one.

I tried to remove the display subsection, no effect at all. Host+G has
also no effect(expect that I'm not able to resize the window until I
press it again).

Have fun, 
Lisa Denia

Michael Thayer wrote:
> Lisa Denia wrote:
> > thank you for your answer, but that workaround does not work :/.
> > If I boot the VM with 1MB video ram, X fails to init. I just get a black
> > screen. I also tried to disable the splash, same effect.
> ...
> > 
> > Alexey Eremenko wrote:
> >> On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 4:06 AM, Lisa Denia <eiffel56 at gmail.com> wrote:
> >>>  I've built VirtualBox from SVN, revision 7024. It works great, but the
> >>>  vboxvideo module for Linux/X has a little bug.
> >>>  It does _always_ use 1280x768, regardless of what you define in
> >>>  xorg.conf. You can later choose another resolution, e.g. with
> >>>  "gnome-display-properties" from Gnome or even xrandr(I think they are
> >>>  just the same ;)).
> ...
> >> One possibility to workaround it, is to lower your Video RAM to 1MB.
> >> This will limit resolution to 800x600.
> Hello Lisa and Alexey,
> The support for selecting resolutions in xorg.conf was dropped for 1.3
> and newer servers when support for randr 1.2 and dynamic resizing was
> added (if you start the svn version of VBoxClient then you can resize
> the guest by resizing the VirtualBox window now).  We should probably
> make the guest remember the resolution used on shutdown next time it boots.
> The workaround should be working.  I will investigate that.  The error
> message in the log is harmless but should (will) also be got rid of.
> Regards,
> Michael

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