[vbox-dev] vboxvideo does always use 1280x768

Michael Thayer michael at innotek.de
Mon Feb 25 01:25:48 PST 2008

Lisa Denia wrote:
> thank you for your answer, but that workaround does not work :/.
> If I boot the VM with 1MB video ram, X fails to init. I just get a black
> screen. I also tried to disable the splash, same effect.
> Alexey Eremenko wrote:
>> On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 4:06 AM, Lisa Denia <eiffel56 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>  I've built VirtualBox from SVN, revision 7024. It works great, but the
>>>  vboxvideo module for Linux/X has a little bug.
>>>  It does _always_ use 1280x768, regardless of what you define in
>>>  xorg.conf. You can later choose another resolution, e.g. with
>>>  "gnome-display-properties" from Gnome or even xrandr(I think they are
>>>  just the same ;)).
>> One possibility to workaround it, is to lower your Video RAM to 1MB.
>> This will limit resolution to 800x600.

Hello Lisa and Alexey,

The support for selecting resolutions in xorg.conf was dropped for 1.3
and newer servers when support for randr 1.2 and dynamic resizing was
added (if you start the svn version of VBoxClient then you can resize
the guest by resizing the VirtualBox window now).  We should probably
make the guest remember the resolution used on shutdown next time it boots.

The workaround should be working.  I will investigate that.  The error
message in the log is harmless but should (will) also be got rid of.



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