[vbox-dev] Identical hang in windows XP

JD jd1008 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 09:44:34 PST 2008

As I had reported earlier, installing Linux with the option
to upgrade an existing installation (Via vbox of course),
the Anaconda progress bar
"Checking dependencies in packages selected for installation"

reaches almost 99.999% completion, but never comes to a full
completion even after 18 hours!!!

This hang happens when using vbox on Linux (F7) and on winXP hosts.

This does not happen when I boot up directly from the installation
DVD and select to upgrade a linux on the second hard disk. In
this case, the upgrade comes to full completion and disk can
then be booted.

I believe just about all members of this list can go through
the same process and see for themselves.


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