[vbox-dev] Using a real hard drive in the WIndows version of Virtual Box

Jason Spiro jasonspiro2 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 08:53:59 PST 2008

2008/2/19, JD <jd1008 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Frank, and Dmitry,
>  In the "unix: world, the VBOX document provides a command line
>  to create a physical drive vmdk file. That command is:
>  VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename /path/to/file.vmdk
>   -rawdisk /dev/sda -register
>  However, on the Windows version, there is no corresponding command
>  described in the document, and the GUI does not provide a method
>  for creating a physical drive vmdk.

Hi JD,

Which document did you look at?  The user manual says "On a Windows
host, instead of the above device specification, use e.g.
\\.\PhysicalDrive0".  Is there another document which is missing that

Although the help file could describe better how to do it on Windows.
For example, it could give a full example command including the
default path to where VBoxManage.exe is located.  It could also
mention WinObj which is a tool helpful for figuring out if an external
disk like a USB hard drive might be considered PhysicalDrive0,
PhysicalDrive1, or something else.

>  Could you please announce  to the whole list how to do this?

http://www.virtualbox.org/mailman/listinfo/vbox-users would probably
be a better list for that question.

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