[vbox-dev] Starting the virtual machine 0%

Aaron Von Gauss virtualbox at avongauss.info
Sat Feb 16 10:34:32 PST 2008

By any chance do you have an audio device associated with the VM when 
you experience the hang at the 0% startup dialog?  If so, if you remove 
the audio device does it then boot correctly? 


JD wrote:
> Please see the answers to your questions
> embedded in your message below.
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> JD wrote:
>> I installed VirtualBox-1.5.4_27034_fedora7-1.x86_64.rpm on my fedora
>> 7 with amd64 cpu, kernel
> ...
>> I start the machine, and I get the console screen (black) and a small
>>  progress bar banner pops up saying: Starting the virtual machine  0%
>>  and it stays there. *Nothing happens afterwards*.
>> So, I gdb'ed the running processes of vbox, and the file is attached.
>>  Could someone help me gat past this issue?
> 1. Can you move this progress bar banner around?
>   YES
> 2. Can you still use the main (VM Selector) window while this is
> happening? E.g., open the File->Preferences dialog.
>   YES
> Anyway, please try to change the Qt theme (style) to see if that helps.
> There is nothing in the drop down menus that will let
> me change the Qt theme.
> Why do you think the Qt theme has any impact
> on the progress of the VM startup? If there
> were a problem with the Qt libs, would not the
> gui itself freeze or malfunction?
> P.S. When posting the stack trace, it makes sense to do it for all
> threads in all relevant processes. Yes, it's a bit of work, but VBox is
> multi-threaded.
> OK - I see what you meant. The stack trace of all threads
> of the process VirtualBox is in the attached file.
> Thanx to all who can get me past this hang.
> JD
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