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Frank Mehnert frank at innotek.de
Tue Feb 12 23:57:50 PST 2008


On Wednesday 13 February 2008, Nate DeSimone wrote:
> 	I'm fairly new to Virtual Box so please bear with me.  I am currently
> doing research that requires me to monitor hard disk access for various
> software environments.  I noticed that Virtual Box already has a
> statistics engine built in, and that statistics are outputted to the end
> of the log file.  Is there any way to get more detailed information,
> like if the access was a read or a write, and when the access occurred?
> 	What I would like to do is monitor the size of hard disk access bursts,
> separately for both reads and writes.
> 	Is there functionality in Virtual Box for this more advanced data
> gathering, and if not how would I go about adding it?  I have already
> downloaded Virtual Box's source code and built myself binaries.

I advise you to check out the SVN version which is newer than the last
OSE 1.5.4 sources.

VBox has a concept of statistics couters. See include/VBox/stam.h. The
SVN version even has a statistics page which can display some of these
statistics counters (the *REL* [=release] counters).

You can also build a profile version. The GUI in the profile mode contains
a statistics page which displays _all_ statistics counters of VBox. To
build the profile version of VBox (which is a little bit slower than the
normal version), do


and then manually edit the resulting env.sh and replace




I will add a --build-profile switch to make this easier.

Kind regards,

Dr.-Ing. Frank Mehnert    innotek GmbH, http://www.innotek.de
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