[vbox-dev] VirtualBox OSE 1.6.4: Missing Makefiles

Jonas Mellin jonas.mellin at his.se
Mon Aug 25 09:42:02 GMT 2008

Dear all, since I want a site-based free license for educational 
purposes I decided to try VirtualBox OSE 1.6.4. Further, the PUEL 
version 1.6.4 had a problem with clonevdi that I intent to invesitgate 
further (with a debug version). My problem is that after unpacking and 
configuring the software from the bzipped tarball is that compilation 
breaks down in the src/apps directory. I have seen a few other postings 
on this problem and it is missing Makefiles in src/apps directory. 
Unfortunately, the patch indicated by 
http://vbox.innotek.de/pipermail/vbox-users/2008-August/003707.html does 
not work, so I got the current development trunk from the svn repository 
and checked it out. From there I copied the Makefile.kmk to the tarball 
source. Further, I made symbolic links to "Config.kmk" and the directory 
"out" in the src/apps (ugly hack), since the make process was missing 
them when it had entered the src/apps directory. It seems to be working, 
since I got the tool through the compilation. I have not completed the 
kernel modules, so I do not know yet if it works, I only assume it will. 
My question is: how do I avoid the symbolic links? I assume there is a 
difference between the makefiles in the svn repository and the tarball 
and if anyone have a solution, please tell me.

BTW, I have googled this problem and tried to look through the vbox-dev 
archive for clues, but I could not find a search function for the 
vbox-dev archive 8-(.

/Jonas Mellin

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