[vbox-dev] Type conversion error while building VBox OSE on Windows

csb sbrandt at gmx.de
Wed Aug 13 11:54:59 GMT 2008

Huihong Luo <huisinro at ...> writes:

> Exactly same errors occured to me, and I had to comment these 2 lines off in 
> USBControllerImpl.cpp
> BEGIN_COM_MAP(USBDeviceFilter)
> //COM_INTERFACE_ENTRY(ISupportErrorInfo)

Can be fixed "easyly" by either

class ATL_NO_VTABLE USBDeviceFilter : public VirtualBoxBaseNEXT, 

commenting the COM interface entry out (only the first one!), or

(2) by including the missing implementation:

class ATL_NO_VTABLE USBDeviceFilter : public VirtualBoxBaseNEXT, 
    public VirtualBoxSupportErrorInfoImpl <USBDeviceFilter, IUSBDeviceFilter>,
	public IUSBDeviceFilter

Also documented in 
Bug #1621 was closed ("worksforme"), no idea why.

Still does not work as of VirtualBox-OSE-1.6.4, compiling on Windows XP 32bit
with Visual Studio .Net 2003.
I have no idea why the VBox/OSE team still did not manage to fix this, though is
has been known for months.
Problem was there since at least 1.6.0.

The code is only used when VBOX_WITH_USB is not defined, which is always the
case in the Open Source Edition.

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