[vbox-dev] Support for virtual USB-devices...

Pavol Kurina kurina at gmx.net
Mon Apr 14 14:05:59 GMT 2008

I'm working as a part of my diploma thesis on an environment for developing and verifying of firmware for USB-devices. The goal is to find a way how to do this without the need for a "real" hardware - with a virtual bus. Until now I've worked with qemu and the Microsoft DSF, but both have limitations or bugs, which would need a substantial amount of work to overcome.

Since, I've used VirtualBox for testing USB-firmware with "real" devices before I thought, that the problem of the virtual environment could also be solved by adding an interface to the VirtualBox, which would allow to connect a virtual device to the virtual machine.

Do you think this could be done? Do you think it's less work to add such an interface to your virtual EHCI-controller, than to develop a virtual EHCI-controller with such a feature from scratch? When yes, would you be interested in supporting me, when I'd extended VirtualBox in such a way?

Best Regards,
Pavol Kurina.

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