[vbox-dev] NAT/slirp low outbound speed from guest's to remotehosts..

Jakob Simon-Gaarde jakob at mikrov.dk
Thu Apr 10 10:05:00 GMT 2008

>> Info service (svn revision 7848): I saw there had been changed made
>> slirp and NAT - so I hurried to test if the outbound NAT-problem was
>> unfortunately not :(

> Which guest are you using? Which host machine are you using? Do you
> VT-x enabled (make sure you have not). Do you have USB enabled? Try
> switching this off at it costs performance as well.

The guest is Linux and the host is Windows. You can see details about
the vm in the attached file: capa-server.xml

> Furthermore, you could also build a profile build. Edit the env.sh
> manually and replace BUILD_TYPE="release" by BUILD_TYPE="profile".
> Recompile (there will be a new directory out/*/profile/... .

> When you start the GUI you will note a new menu entry 'Debug' which
> the entry 'Statistics...'. Open this window and you will see a bunch
> counters. Go to Devices/PCNet0. Then Increase the update interval from
0s to
> 1s. Re-arrange the columns with the mouse, move the dInt (which is
IMHO the
> most important column) more to the left. Then start your networking

I have now build it in profile mode - but I can't se any debug menu

> During boot you might experience some delays resulting from
initializing the
> counters. No worry about that.

> During the benchmark have a look at the UpdateIRQ rate and updates in
> XmitFlushIRQ array. The latter should show frequent changes in all
> The more changes in 12-16 the better (that means that bunches of
> are sent). Perhaps you will only see updates for XmitFlushIrq=1 ...

Hmm - I really want to help out on this issue can you tell me why the
profile build won't work?

Best regards Jakob Simon-Gaarde
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