[vbox-dev] OS/2 2.1 & 1.3

Egor Egorov egor at fine.kiev.ua
Sat Sep 22 16:03:29 PDT 2007


Decided to allow myself a bit of nostalgie and boot older OS/2  
versions like 2.1. :) I've found 2.1 floppy images online. The first  
one boots and requests to put the second one. The second floppy  
writes "loading..." and hangs up. Mac OS X's activity monitor shows  
very high "system" CPU activity. I waited about five minutes and  
tried some settings options ("OS/2" or "unknown", acpi, vt, etc). No  
success. VirtualBox compiled from repository couple of days ago.

Is it possible to boot OS/2 2.1 in VirtualBox?

PS: And have you seen somewhere OS/2 1.x images online? :)

     Egor Egorov

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