[vbox-dev] building and running VirtualBox on Mac OS X

Egor Egorov egor at fine.kiev.ua
Mon Sep 3 01:33:40 PDT 2007


I'm trying to build VirtualBox from SVN on intel Mac OS X 10.4.10  
with last dev tools. I found the kLdr package "from month ago" and  
put the source into src/VBox/Runtime/kLdr, I configure as:

./configure --disable-sdl-ttf --with-gcc=/opt/local/bin/i386-elf- 
gcc-3.4.3  --with-g++=/opt/local/bin/i386-elf-g++-3.4.3  --ose

It builds, though, I had to tweak makefiles to omit non-existing  
darwin installation and USB support, but it's minor.

Can you help me, why doesn't it run without "export  
VBOX_SUPLIB_FAKE="fake"" ? I tried to load beta2 kernel extension -  
it doesn't go; I tried to load the newly-built extension - it doesn't  
go. Here's how I run it:

Contents/MacOS egor$ ./VBoxBFE -hda ~/Library/VirtualBox/VDI/xp.vdi  - 
boot c -m 256
VirtualBox Simple SDL GUI built Sep  3 2007 11:19:17
Unknown error creating VM (VERR_GENERAL_FAILURE)!
VBox status code: -1 (VERR_GENERAL_FAILURE)
Error: VM creation failed with VERR_GENERAL_FAILURE.

Even with "fake" specified, it doesn't boot Windows; after the  
windows splash screen, the virtualbox segfaults. Extensions  
installed.  Ubuntu starts to boot, but very slow. Didnt' tested if it  
can finish the boot, but kernel is working, that's for sure.

     Egor Egorov

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