[vbox-dev] Question about VirtualBox version and SVN release numbers.

Klaus Espenlaub espenlaub at innotek.de
Tue Oct 23 00:43:24 PDT 2007

Alexey Eremenko wrote:
> On 10/19/07, Michael Thayer <michael at innotek.de> wrote:
>> Ah yes, sorry.  No precise mapping I'm afraid.  The changes in our
>> internal tree are copied over to OSE once a day, minus changes which
>> only affect non-OSE features.  For most changes in our tree there is a
>> single corresponding change in OSE.  As for the branch, we did not
>> maintain an OSE version of that, so I don't know exactly how the numbers
>> got determined.
>> Regards,
>> Michael
> Thanks. I'll map by date then, besides, after I compile I see the
> release in log files.
> Now I know exactly, that v1.5.2, internal version 25433, maps to OSE
> SVN release version 5333 (not 5373 like I tought before).

There is no direct correlation of 1.5 bugfix tarballs and OSE svn 
releases. The 5333 is purely arbitrary (read: the revision was put there 
by manually editing Config.kmk), just to identify the tarball somehow. 
So don't try to find a correlation where there is none.

You won't find any revision in the OSE SVN repository which corresponds 
exactly with 1.5.2. The OSE SVN contains 1.5.0, and then continues with 
version 1.5.51.

Dr. Klaus Espenlaub     innotek GmbH, http://www.innotek.de

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