[vbox-dev] Is there anything like Qemu Monitor in VBox?

Klaus Espenlaub espenlaub at innotek.de
Mon Oct 15 06:02:52 PDT 2007

Alexey Eremenko wrote:

Do you have a cron job which repeats questions until answered? ;)

> Is there anything like "Qemu Monitor" in VBox?

I'm _very_ surprised that yozu ask this sort of question, because the 
CLI tool VBoxManage correspronds roughly to QEMU monitor.

> This allows to send commands to guest directly from host...
> interactively or via scripts. Very useful thing.

What do you mean there exactly? Totally unclear to me. Do you refer to 
the "sendkey" command? Such functionality is currently not implemented, 
but would be not difficult to do. But it seems rather obscure to me, 
because you cannot really send commands to the guest, you can just press 
keys. The reaction on them is thus extremely dependent on guest state.

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