[vbox-dev] Debug Build

Klaus Espenlaub espenlaub at innotek.de
Tue Nov 27 01:42:57 PST 2007

Ryan Riley wrote:
> So, I'm sure I'm just doing something silly like missing a library,
> but for the life of me I can't get a debug build to link on Linux.  It
> looks like it gets pretty upset about some stuff in HappyHttp and at
> least one other place.  Does anyone have any thoughts?  (My output
> from `kmk BUILD_TYPE=debug &> err` is attached.)

 From the log it's a stdc++ library issue. Hard to tell from here why it 
cannot be linked successfully. You have the stdc++ header files, so it's 
rather odd that the linker fails. The stdc++ library should come with 
the C++ compiler, and should be automatically linked in, without 
mentioning it in the g++ command line.

> Another question to go with it, once it is built how do I get access
> to the logging information?  (Is it setting the VBOX_LOG and such
> environmental variables as mention by Dmitry earlier this month?)

In principle yes. The logger is quite flexible. It supports many logging 
groups and levels, as enabling all logging slows down VirtualBox to a 
crawl. Also you can have every log line prefixed by time and thread stamps.

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