[vbox-dev] crash

Neal Becker ndbecker2 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 03:28:25 PST 2007

I believe this crash was caused by attempting to access an iso as the cdrom,
where the iso was mounted via smb on the linux host, and there seems to
have been some problem with access to the iso via smb (I tried a loopback
mount of the iso and got a "permission denied")

Log created: 2007-11-04T18:45:20.355677000Z
Executable: /usr/lib/virtualbox/VirtualBox
Arg[0]: /usr/lib/virtualbox/VirtualBox
Arg[1]: -comment
Arg[2]: winxp
Arg[3]: -startvm
Arg[4]: 35cd3fa9-f687-494e-2bbb-475a4a635a7c

!!Assertion Failed!!
Expression: i < 4096
Location  : /home/vbox/vbox-1.5/src/VBox/Runtime/r3/linux/sems-linux.cpp(219)
iCur=0x1 pIntEventSem=000000000094ebb0

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