[vbox-dev] PCI config read/write

Knut St. Osmundsen bird at innotek.de
Fri May 11 18:21:36 GMT 2007

Robert Zeljko wrote:
> Attached is the proposed patch to the PCI config read/write callback functions.
> New API is called:
> void
> PDMDevHlpPCISetConfigCallbacks(
>     PPDMDEVINS pDevIns,
>     PPCIDEVICE pPciDev,
>     PFNPCICONFIGREAD pfnPciConfigRead,
>     PFNPCICONFIGREAD *ppfnPciConfigReadOld,
>     PFNPCICONFIGWRITE pfnPciConfigWrite,
>     PFNPCICONFIGWRITE *ppfnPciConfigWriteOld
> );
> PDMDevHlpPCISetConfigCallbacks API which should be called right after
> PDMDevHlpPCIRegister.
> PDMDevHlpPCISetConfigCallbacks allows user version of read/write PCI config
> callbacks to be inserted in place of default callbacks.
> PDMDevHlpPCISetConfigCallbacks will optionally return old read/write PCI config
> callbacks so user can decide how and when to call default implementations if he
> desires to do so.
> I've tried to preserve coding style and architecture as much as I
> could/understood but I fairly new to the Virtual Box code base.
> Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Thanks for the patch! I've applied it with some adjustments.
(Returning the old read/write functions is an excellent idea, btw.)

Kind Regards,

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