[vbox-dev] VirtualBox OSE 1.3.99 ond Fedora Core 5

Michael Thayer michael at innotek.de
Mon Mar 26 02:38:45 PDT 2007

Hello Jean-Jacques,

> I had a little problem yesterday while testing.
> In order to solve this I have killed X and after entering
> again in an X session, VirtualBox told me that the directory
> (a soccket) /tmp/.vbox-<user>-ipc/ipcd can't be created/opened.
> The reason was in front of the display, start as root but
> without it environment (su;...; LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd` ./VBoxSVC)
It isn't actually necessary to start VirtualBox as root.  Occasionally 
problems do occur when VBox ipc related files do not get deleted in 
/tmp.  If no copy of VirtualBox or of VBoxSVC (and friends) is running, 
you can just delete any of these files left in that directory.

> Starting only VirtualBox (no VBoxSVC) work. without problem
> The advantage of starting VBoxSVC is only that we are informed
> about a fews events.
When you start the VirtualBox script, VBoxSVC should be started 

> If the Window system on the  guest system is restarted I get
> 2 cursors. I had to release the cursor from Vbox and take it
> again (klick).
> ------
> The Mouse focus is taken by vbox after the user release the
> mouse button. So if I want to press a button I have to
> perform 2 klicks. I think that they will be a way for resolving
> this:
Are you using the Guest Additions in this guest?



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