[vbox-dev] Building guest aditions on OSE

Byron Clark byron.clark at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 10:01:16 PDT 2007

On 3/24/07, Antonio Augusto (Mancha) <khaoticmind at gmail.com> wrote:
> Byron: How did you build that?
> Did you build that using the source from OSE or got it from the binary edition?
> If it was the first could i use VS Express to build it?

I build from the OSE tarball releases following the instructions at

Currently I build the entire Windows release (minus the QT portions)
and then pull out the files that I need for guest additions.  I use
Visual C++ .NET 2003 (aka Visual C++ 7.1).  The build instructions
mention that you can't build some of the frontends with VS Express,
but you should be able to at least build the guest additions.  The
nsis install script in my project should show what files you'll need
to grab out of the build and how to install them.

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