[vbox-dev] eComStation Guest

Michael Thayer michael at innotek.de
Mon Mar 19 05:47:24 PDT 2007

Hello Charles,

OS/2 guests should work in VirtualBox with hardware virtualisation 
extensions active.  You can activate them for a given VM using the 
VBoxManage tool with the modifyvm option while the VM is not running.

If you are interested in paid support for OS/2 guests, you are welcome 
to contact info at innotek.de to discuss it, including your precise 
requirements for the product.



Charles King wrote:
> I see OS/2 host build instructions have been posted recently. Seems like OS/2
> host should be a lower priority than OS/2 guest support.
> I have paying customerS who have been burnt several times by past failed virtual
> projects. They will not spend money again unless they are shown a working
> product. There has been repeated requests for eComStation and OS/2 guest support.
> When is eComStation guest going to be added to the test servers?

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