[vbox-dev] VMKNOPPIX is released

Kuniyasu Suzaki k.suzaki at aist.go.jp
Thu Mar 8 02:58:00 PST 2007


We released VMKNOPPIX. It was called Xenoppix but renamed to VMKNOPPIX
because it became a collection of Virtual Machine Softwares.

VMKNOPPIX includes Xen3.0.4(DomainU & HVM Domain), KVM14, VirtualBox, GPLed KQEMU, and normal QEMU.
   There are many techniques of Virtual Machine, para-virtualization, full-virtualization with 
   virtualization instruction(IntelVT or AMD-V), dynamic translation etc. The VM softwares runs 
   with OS images offered by some sites(For instance OSZoo's QEMU images).Have fun with the techniques!
      OSZoo's QEMU images http://www.oszoo.org/wiki/index.php/Category:Operating_System_Images
VMKNOPPIX includes "OS Circular" environment.
   OS Circular enables to boot OSes on Xen with a globalized virtual disk "HTTP-FUSE CLOOP".
VMKNOPPIX includes benchmark sotwares. We compared the results. (See below)
    Pi calculation for CPU benchmark http://h2np.net/pi/pi_quick_start.tar.gz
    dbench for IO benchmark
    tbench for Network benchmark
    Xengine for Graphic Benchmark
VMKNOPPIX includes xenoprifle to take profile of HVM Domain OS.
VMKNOPPIX is optimized by LCAT for fast CD boot.

*** Virtual Machine Uages
* Xen
Boot with the first option "KNOPPIX/Xen3.0.4-0" of GRUB.
To run DomainU with KNOPPPIX.
  # knoppixU

To run HVM Domain with KNOPPPIX on IntelVT or AMD-V.
  # knoppixHVM
  Caution) Add "nofirewire" kernel option at GRUB Menu for Intel MAC.

* OS Circular
Boot with the first option "KNOPPIX/Xen3.0.4-0" of GRUB on IntelVT or AMD-V.
 # pump -i eth0
 # /etc/inint.d/xend start
 # httpfuse-hvm.sh
Selection Menu will be appeared. Select a near site. 
Contents Menu will be appeared. Select your favorite image. 
The OS will be appeared. Current Debian Etch has accounts, "root/http-fuse" or 
 Caution) Add "nofirewire" kernel option at GRUB Menu for Intel MAC.
 Caution) The console must be wider than 80x24to run httpfuse-hvm.sh, because 
          "dialog" requires wide console. If the console is small, the message 
          "httpstoraged is ready ..." will continue.

The technical detail was presented Virtualization Miniconf at LinuxConfAu07.
  Slide PDF http://unit.aist.go.jp/itri/knoppix/20070118-LCA-HTTP-FUSE.pdf

* VirtualBox
Boot with the second option "KNOPPIX(normal kernel)" on GRUB.
  # modprobe vboxdrv
  # VBoxSVC &
  # VirtualBox
After that, setup VM environment interactively. The CD-Drive is setup at the main menu after Interactive setup.
* kqemu/KVM/QEMU
Boot with the second option "KNOPPIX(normal kernel)" on GRUB.

Script "qemu-knoppix.sh" prepares network environment, shared memory for
KQEMU, and drivers for KVM or KQEMU.

The priority is as follows.
 1) If kvm drivers effective, kvm runs.
 2) If kqemu is effective, kqemu runs.
 3) If kvm and kqemu aren't available, qemu runs.

"qemu-knoppix.sh" aslo accepts the follwing options.
  -no-kvm   : disable KVM kernel module usage
  -no-kqemu : disable KQEMU kernel module usage
  -no-module: disable all kernel module usage

For examples, the following command runs kqemu.
 # qemu-knoppix.sh -no-kvm

*** Benchmarks
* pi calculation
  # time /opt/pi_quick_start/pi 3000000

* dbench (Read /usr/share/dbench.client.txt)
 # dbench 1

* tbench (Read /usr/share/dbench.client.txt via network)
 On Host
  # tbench_srv
 On Guest
  # tbench -t 60 1 "HostIP. Example on VirtualBox,KVM, KQEMU, QEMU"

* xengine
  # xengine

*** Benchmark Results
* Pi calculation
           | sec   |Remarks
     Native| 14.67 | Core2 Duo T7200 
     kvm-14| 19.26 |
     kvm-12| 17.90 |(Sample. CD doesn't include)
qemu(kqemu)| 24.87 | "-kernel-kqemu" is not used
       qemu|227.1  | "-no-kqemu" 
 VirtualBox| 17.56 |
  Xen(DomU)| 14.68 |
   Xen(HVM)| 15.99 |

* dbench
           | MB/s  |Remarks
     Native| 341.0 | Core2 Duo T7200 
     kvm-14| 206.1 |
      kqemu|  36.20| "-kernel-kqemu" is not used
       qemu|  29.17| "-no-kqemu" 
 VirtualBox| 223.9 |
  Xen(DomU)| 283.1 |
   Xen(HVM)| 203.3 |

* tbehch between Host and Guest.
C2D: Core2 Duo T7200 (IBM ThinkPAD T60)
AMD: Athlon64x2 4000+
        |  C2D|Athlon| Remarks
        | MB/s|  MB/s| 
vbox    | 1.72|  1.57|
kvm14   | 0.50|  1.05|
kvm12   | 1.05|  1.15|(Sample. CD doesn't include)
kqemu   | 1.46|  ====|
qemu    | 1.53|  1.37|
Xen DomU|67.8 | 74.7 |
Xen HVM | 4.11|  3.57|

*** Oprofile
Run HVM Domain 
 # knoppixHVM
Select the first option "KNOPPIX/Xen3.0.4-0" on GRUB.

Run oprofile
 # opcontrol --start-daemon --vmlinux=/boot/vmlinux-syms- --xen=/boot/xen-syms-3.0.4-0 --passive-domains=1 --passive-images=/boot/vmlinux-syms-

Stopping profiling.
 # opcontrol --stop
Show the result.
 # opreport -l

----- The Result are following -----
CPU: Core 2, speed 2327.59 MHz (estimated)
Counted CPU_CLK_UNHALTED events (Clock cycles when not halted) with a unit mask of 0x00 (Unhalted core cycles) count 100000
samples  %        app name                 symbol name
11973    64.7574  qemu-dm                  (no symbols)
1361      7.3611  libshadow.so             (no symbols)
505       2.7314  domain2-modules          (no symbols)
384       2.0769  libc-2.3.6.so            (no symbols)
369       1.9958  libqt-mt.so.3.3.7        (no symbols)
187       1.0114  bash                     (no symbols)
168       0.9086  xen-syms-3.0.4-0         handle_exception
161       0.8708  aufs                     (no symbols)
145       0.7843  libfb.so                 (no symbols)

*** Download 

File: knoppix_v5.1.1CD_20070104_xen3.0.4.0_vbox-20070302+IPAFont_AC20070306.iso (634MB) 
MD5: 001e090196e9f93fa8cf9829583e8f76
  Bittorrrent http://unit.aist.go.jp/itri/knoppix/knoppix_v5.1.1CD_20070104_xen3.0.4.0_vbox-20070302+IPAFont_AC20070306.iso.torrent
  FTP ftp://unit.aist.go.jp/itri/knoppix/iso/knoppix_v5.1.1CD_20070104_xen3.0.4.0_vbox-20070302+IPAFont_AC20070306.iso
  RING HTTP Server http://www.ring.gr.jp/archives/linux/knoppix/iso/


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