[vbox-dev] SharedFolder: Wrong parameter

A. Klitzing aklitzing at online.de
Mon Jun 11 14:21:11 PDT 2007


I like to have SharedFolders between Linux and Windows with a subversion
working copy.
So I did a checkout with linux and tried to use the same working copy
with TortoiseSVN in Windows. But I got an error with a "wrong
parameter". I think the only problem is that Subversion try to set some
files to "read-only" but that will fail with shared folders in virtualbox.

The same with command-line of subversion...
svn: Kann den Schreibschutz der Datei »trunk\.svn\entries« nicht setzen:
Falscher Parameter.

Is it possible to add those features to shared folders? I tried it with
samba and everything works with it. But samba is a little bit oversized
for that.


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