[vbox-dev] how to install Windows Guest Additions from svn

Alexander Eichner alexeichi at yahoo.de
Thu Jul 19 16:30:41 GMT 2007

afaik building isos is not supported in OSE.
But i put the needed files online:

Don't uninstall the old Additions

VBoxDisp.dll http://aleichner.homepage.t-online.de/VBoxDisp.dll belongs
into c:\windows\system32

VBoxVideo.sys http://aleichner.homepage.t-online.de/VBoxVideo.sys
belongs into c:\windows\system32\drivers

(to copy the above files you should boot into failsafe mode)

VBoxOGL.dll http://aleichner.homepage.t-online.de/VBoxOGL.dll belongs
into c:\windows\system32

then you should add the registry keys as described in

you also should change VMMDevInterface.cpp as described in the above URL
and recompile.

If all is right (and i described all correctly ;) you should be able to
run the testcases:


But OpenGL does not work with nvidia drivers at the moment (and to be
honestly I don't know why) but with mesa and the dri drivers (if not
already applied to trunk you should apply a patch i send earlier the day
to the list. The name is vboxgl-linux-mesa-fix.patch)


Am Mittwoch, den 18.07.2007, 19:09 +0200 schrieb JusTiCe8:
> Hi,
> I would like to try your OpenGL patchset (Linux host with winXP guest, 
> if it's possible, but I think so) but I have no mean to build additions 
> iso image for win guest, could you put it somewhere for download ?
> Thx.
> Regards,
>   Michaël.

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