[vbox-dev] integrating virtualbox better into a linux system

Marcus Hüwe suse-tux at gmx.de
Wed Jan 31 20:32:42 GMT 2007


On 2007-01-31 21:13:56 +0100, Uwe Hermann wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Jan 31, 2007 at 08:09:06PM +0100, Michael Thayer wrote:
> > At the moment, we create links in /usr/bin to a script in the main 
> > VirtualBox directory.  Is there a particular reason not to install to 
> > /opt, as we do now?  Personally, I prefer applications which were not 
> > installed through my distributions package system to be put somewhere I 
> > can clearly see rather than scattered around my system.  That means that 
> > if the uninstaller doesn't work for some reason, I can remove them more 
> > easily (I know that that will not happen with VirtualBox of course :)
> I don't know whether /opt or /usr/local is better in this case.
> Using autoconf you'd usually have a 'make uninstall' option which
> removes the package content from /usr/local again.
> Maybe you can teach kBuild similar things?
Hmm I guess adding such an uninstall option wouldn't be the biggest problem (i
think). The problem it is currently impossible to move the stuff into different
For instance VBoxSVC uses the "RTPathProgram"-method to get the path for the
xpcom stuff (if i understand it correctly). So if the VBoxSVC is located in
/usr/bin the application will use /usr/bin for everything else.


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