[vbox-dev] integrating virtualbox better into a linux system

Michael Thayer michael at innotek.de
Wed Jan 31 19:09:06 GMT 2007

Hello Marcus,

At the moment, we create links in /usr/bin to a script in the main 
VirtualBox directory.  Is there a particular reason not to install to 
/opt, as we do now?  Personally, I prefer applications which were not 
installed through my distributions package system to be put somewhere I 
can clearly see rather than scattered around my system.  That means that 
if the uninstaller doesn't work for some reason, I can remove them more 
easily (I know that that will not happen with VirtualBox of course :)

I assume though that VirtualBox packages will soon start to appear in 
Linux distributions, and they will package them to best fit in with the 
rest of their system.



Marcus Hüwe wrote:
> Hi,
> are there any plans to integrate virtualbox better into a (linux) system?
> At the moment everything has to be installed into one dir (for instance
> /opt/vbox) otherwise it doesn't work because it expects that everything (well
> at least the most of the xpcom stuff) exists in the same dir in which the
> binary is lying. This makes it impossible to install the binaries
> to /usr/bin, the xpcom stuff and libs to /usr/lib/vbox for instance.
> So is there a chance to get rid of this behaviour (e.g. using autotools?;) ).
> (I'm also willing to help).

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