[vbox-dev] Quick patch for BIOS bug (same area reported twice by "int 0x15, eax = 0xE820")

Brendan Trotter btrotter at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 10:58:39 GMT 2007


Doh - I forgot the legalese.....


// These few lines are public domain and/or covered by the MIT licence
and/or covered by the GNU Lesser General Public Licence (choose
whichever you prefer)....

#ifdef VBOX
     set_e820_range(ES, regs.u.r16.di,0x00100000L,
extended_memory_size - 0x10000, 1);
     set_e820_range(ES, regs.u.r16.di,0x00100000L, extended_memory_size, 1);


I never was good at legal stuff - hope that covers any requirements....



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