[vbox-dev] VirtualBox Guest Additions on Linux 2.4

Michael Thayer michael at innotek.de
Wed Jan 17 09:02:27 GMT 2007

Hello Valentine,

Thanks for the bug report.  It is always helpful when people point out 
Linux distribution/kernel combinations which we should look at, since it 
is almost impossible to test all combinations "in the lab".  It should 
be fixed in the next release.



Valentine Sinitsyn wrote:
> Hi,
> It's really nice to see Open Source would (at last!) gained decent
> solutions for full virtualisation. :-) I'm using it on my laptop and
> PC now, and one of them is running Linux 2.4 guest (it's Slackware
> Linux 11 with kernel
> It appears that guest addition kernel modules fail to ciompile with
> that kernel version. The problem is with
> r0drv/linux/the-linux-kernel.h file (thus, it affects both vboxdrv
> and vboxvfs. The problem is, this file defines jiffies-related
> functions that are already defined in Linux 2.4 source. Expanding
> #ifndef MAX_JIFFY_OFFSET up to below msec_to_jiffies function solves
> the problem, but I'm not sure this will work with other 2.6 kernels <
> 2.6.7. It would be nice if someone investigated this issue further
> and commit changes into SVN.
> Next, install.sh script relies on udev to create /dev/vboxadd device,
> which is obviously not the case for 2.4 guest which can't have udev
> running. So install.sh should be creating device file via
> mknod. It would be also a good idea not to use dynamic major number
> for vboxadd device on 2.4 kernel since this will make manual creation
> of the device node harder.

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