[vbox-dev] [announce] OSE Guest Additions Installer for Windows

Byron Clark byron.clark at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 19:33:16 PST 2007

I have been using VirtualBox OSE to run a Windows XP virtual machine
for the past couple weeks.  While everything ran well, I thought it
would be nicer to have the guest additions.  So, I built the guest
additions on Windows and wrote an installer.  I wasn't quite sure how
to hook it into the VirtualBox OSE build scripts so I set up a
separate project at

Right now the installer does the following:
 - Installs the VirtualBox OSE Guest Driver and "Service"
 - Installs the VirtualBox OSE Display Driver
 - Installs the VirtualBox OSE Mouse Driver
 - Places the VirtualBox OSE Replacement GINA DLL in the install
directory so you can use it if you choose.

With these pieces installed you get at least the following benefits:
 - Guest time and date and synchronized to host date and time
 - Mouse cursor can enter and leave the VM display without hitting the Host key
 - Host-G (Auto-resize Guest Display) works
 - You can use vboxcontrol to add non-standard video modes

Known issues have been cataloged at

I have only tested on Windows XP, but the installer should work on
anything from Windows 2000 up to Vista.  Please file bugs if this is
not the case.

There was one small change required to a VirtualBox source file.  I
will be replying to this message with the patch.

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