[vbox-dev] OpenGL on VirtualMachines (VMGL)

Antonio Augusto da Silva mkhaos7 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 05:13:53 PST 2007

Hey there guys, I'm not a VM programmer myself, but I'm a fan of VirtualBox, and
a  game affectionate, so I'm dying to see some 3D acceleration inside a VM. And
today i've crossed a link that might be of some interest for some of you guys
(and of course, for me): http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~andreslc/vmgl/index.html

The stuff is called VMGL, and, for what I've read, the guy wrote some code that
would allow GL calls to be passed from the VM guest to the host, and then the
host would execute those calls with whatever acceleration mechanisms it has. 
He is using a modified VNC server and client to do this over TCP/IP.

Don't know how good it performs, but its a initial solution, and, with my
limited knowledge of the case, shouldn't be too hard to port it to VirtualBox
(he says it should work in "any" guest/host with the modified VNC).

Hope this is of any help for some of you :)

Antonio Augusto da Silva (a.k.a., KhaoticMind)

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