[vbox-dev] Since we already reached pretty good stability, I think it is time for enchancements

Alexey Eremenko al4321 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 07:12:19 PST 2007

Hi all !

Since we already reached pretty good stability (with few exceptions),
I think it is time for enchancements. (mainly small UI ones)

I have opened several ones at the same time, about the GUI. Small
annoyances in GUI, is really makes a difference between VirtualBox and
MS Virtual PC.

Since I'm a heavy user of MS Virtual PC, and know every quirk and
every bug of it (and know workarounds across it's bugs as well), I
will point out the differences, and hope that gap is closed as soon as

Since neither VMware nor Virtual PC are Open-Source projects,the only
way to build something, is to help VirtualBox with BETA-testing (as
well as build better integration with openSUSE, which I'm a member of)

One UI enchancement won't make a big deal, bug dozens will do. It
makes the product much more fun to use overall.

-Alexey Eremenko.

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