[vbox-dev] there is three reason why should include shared folder and usb support in OSE version.

Victor Wang wangxuanying at bevictor.com
Sun Feb 11 07:50:21 PST 2007

1. Shared folder and usb support is important for daily work for normal 
user,  it is not only an enterprise features.
2. Everyone who wants to contribute to virtualbox would have to work 
with OSE version. So it is not convenience for contributor.
3. There is still a lot of work need to do in compatiblity and user 
experience, open source will get more input from the outside 
contributor. As a result, it will be improved more quickly than before.

In addition to this, if we can't open source these two part, I think it 
is possible that contributors will try to implement it base on qemu.

Best Regards.

Victor Wang

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