[vbox-dev] is there any plan to port the qt gui to gtk?

Valentine Sinitsyn Valentine.Sinitsyn at usu.ru
Tue Feb 6 03:09:29 PST 2007


AH> True, the number and quality of the available XPCOM language bindings is
AH> rather poor. However, fixing a binding should not be overly hard, the
AH> interface is quite simple. However, C++ is usually an easier candidate
AH> for writing a VirtualBox GUI as you will also have to deal with things
AH> like pointers to video memory (could be handled in Python as well I guess).
In fact, PyXPCOM is quite functional but tied to Mozilla NSPR/XPCOM
infrastructure. I was considering it for fast prototyping DBUS-XPCOM
bridge but it appeared that C++ soultion is omewaht faster to write...

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