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1$Id: README.testing 58229 2015-10-14 10:38:40Z vboxsync $
2This file documents things which need testing when updating the Linux host
3installers or anything which might indirectly affect them. This should be
4updated as we discover new things which could break.
8 * Test building, installing and running the run, RPM and Debian packages.
9 * Test removing the packages - any errors? Any files left behind? Can the
10 package be re-installed and run after removal?
11 * Test upgrading them from any version we are likely to want to upgrade from.
12 Make sure we can start.
13 * Make sure that RPM/deb packages will not install if the run package is
14 installed and vice-versa.
18 * Make sure that /dev/vboxusb and /etc/udev/rules.d/60-vboxdrv.rules exist
19 after installation with service start and do not exist after removal. They
20 should disappear when the vboxdrv service is stopped and re-appear when it
21 is re-started. This should also work when distribution packages are switched
22 for run and vice-versa.
26 * Make sure that the services start correctly on different types of system.
27 Known supported cases:
28 * old Redhat (e.g. RHEL 5 and earlier): sysvinit and chkconfig
29 * old SUSE (12.0 and earlier): sysvinit and insserv
30 * Gentoo: open-rc
31 * very old Debian (5 and earlier): sysvinit, update-rc.d, non-dependency-based
32 * old Debian (6 and 7): sysvinit, update-rc.d, dependency-based
33 * Ubuntu (9.10 to 14.10): upstart
34 * Ubuntu 14.10: systemd installed, upstart used
35 * Recent non-Gentoo distributions: systemd
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