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bugref:8524: Additions/linux: play nicely with distribution-installed Additions
Improve the documentation for packaging and minor installer change.

Add a README file for Linux distribution Additions packagers encouraging them
to track stable versions of the Additions without sticking to one major
version in one distribution release. Update the message when the Additions
installer detects another version installed not to always recommend removing
distribution Additions. Force a version update notification after an attempt
to install the Additions.

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1Information for people packaging the Guest Additions for Linux distributions
3We strongly recommend that people packaging the Guest Additions for Linux
4distributions track the latest stable version rather than staying with a given
5major release number for the life-time of the distribution. The major number
6is more relevant for the host software (the actual VirtualBox application)
7than for the Linux Additions, which are developed more continuously.
9We sometimes have two stable versions at one time - one with more features and
10a long-term stable version from the previous major release, which has less
11features but a code base which has had longer to mature. While this is also
12less relevant for the Additions, you can find the current long-term stable
13release version number at
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